Doing things just right is a value passed down from generation to generation and deeply ingrained in everyone here at Kollaard Associates. No cutting corners. No unwarranted over-engineering. Simply put, every project is —

Evolving rules and regulations make it too easy to fail. As governments add guardrails to protect their interests, the environment, and fellow citizens, it becomes increasingly difficult for anyone to get things done — and effectively engineered — while keeping costs in check.

This is a sticky problem. It flies in the face of being innovative. It creates barriers to competitiveness. Costs skyrocket. As a customer, you feel like you’re paying for too many things just to make “the city” happy.

We are a closely knit team of professionals that believes in engineering things just right. We want our clients to succeed and avoid risk at the same time.

No easy task, but such has been our measure of excellence for over 20 years in the business.

Engineering services


We offer comprehensive structural engineering services for homeowners, developers, agriculture and architects.


Thinking about developing a subdivision or other project requiring site servicing or drainage?


We have an experienced geotechnical division, specializing in soil mechanics and foundation engineering.


We help clients achieve environmental compliance when building and developing. Even the button is green.


Well, well... looks like we offer a wide range of groundwater engineering and hydrogeological services too.


We are rural. We understand your business and know that your engineering needs are different out here. 

Materials Testing

We provide a full set of materials testing and construction inspection services to builders and developers.

Septic & Grading

We are familiar with all the latest technologies available and will set you up with just the right solution for your unique needs.



Kollaard Associates is staffed with several professional engineers, engineering interns,...

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