About us

Since 2004, Kollaard Associates has been serving Eastern Ontario as an engineering firm that provides a complete range of engineering services for developers, builders and homeowners. Our team of over 25 professionals specializes in providing civil, structural, geotechnical, hydrogeological and environmental services to our clients. We work with our clients, local municipalities and conservation authorities to ensure pragmatic building and development practices in Ottawa and all of rural Eastern Ontario.

Engineering things just right is a philosophy that’s been passed down for generations in the Kollaard family.

We believe that great engineering is a balance of innovation, affordability and risk. We do this by applying cumulative knowledge and fostering creativity towards solutions that are just right for our customers.

 Our best customers are the ones whose butts we’ve saved countless times. Our dearest projects are the ones where chaos was avoided. And trust us, we’ve seen our fill of imminent chaos.

This is our heart and soul. It might irk some who just want a quick engineer’s signature on a drawing but all we can say to them is “Sorry, this does not meet our level of care.”

This is our promise: we will do our utmost to ensure what you spend with us will be saved by going another route. We want to have your back. You’ve got obstacles. We find the best way for you to overcome them. Not too little engineering, not too much engineering. We will engineer your project just right.