Environmental Engineering

Kollaard Associates is committed to assisting our clients in achieving environmental compliance for their building and development needs. Kollaard Associates has certified Environmental Professional (EP) staff, fully trained in coordinating and conducting environmental site assessments, environmental remediation, reclamation and restoration, contamination and spill inspections, and storage tank assessment and removal.

We have a detailed working knowledge of relevant federal and provincial environmental regulations, and have developed a strong working relationship with public and private sector clientele, government authorities and contractors.

Project components include:

  • Phase I, II & III Environmental Site Assessments in accordance with CAN CSA-Z768-01/CSA-Z769-00
  • Underground Storage Tank (UST/AST) removal supervision
  • Environmental and geotechnical sampling and testing using field screening techniques in accordance with CSA Standards.
  • Supervision of environmental drilling procedures
  • Site remediation supervision
  • Arctic Environmental Assessment experience

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